PROTESTING360 is a test automation software based on open communication protocols as IEC 60870-5-104, DNP3, IEC 61850 and MODBUS-TCP. It has been designed to access to the configuration files and to execute the programmed script, registering the result and analyzing the captured traffic frames in an automated way. PROTESTING360 is the most powerful weapon for your validation team.

PROTESTING360 Main sections


Powerful script engine

PROTESTING360 comes with a powerful scripting engine. It has multiple features that allow fast scripting. Our script engine incorporates specific communication modules and examples of other features to integrate the validation tool with the methods of configuration and parameterization of your system.


  • Intelligent programming

  • Navigation methods

  • Integrated help

  • Coloring and functions hiding

Use .NET

.NET is a free, cross-platform, open source developer platform for building many different types of applications. PROTESTING360 use .NET framework functionality to create incredible scripts.


String Manipulation

Network Components

File Access

XML Access

and much more…

Multiprotocol tool

Using PROTESTING360, there is no need to have one tool for each communication protocol.

PROTESTING360 include communication modules to validate:

IEC 61850


IEC 60870-5-104



Testing procedures

PROTESTING360 includes all the test scripts needed to validate any device according to the most used testing procedures in the power system automation and remote control:

  • UCA server edition 1 and 2
  • UCA client edition 2
  • UCA SCL engineering tool
  • IEC 60870-5-604
  • DNP3 Level 2

Besides, PROTESTING360 can be easily extended to validate any utility specific communication profile.

PROTESTING360 has performed successfully all the test cases required to obtain a level A accreditation for testing IEC 61850 edition 2 servers following the procedures defined by the UCA users group.


Predefined and specific test cases

PROTESTING360 pursues the maximum automation of testing trying to reduce the human factor in those cases where the test can be performed automatically.

When test procedures are available, we integrate them in our tool. PROTESTING360 can also be used for load testing and for the automation of the interfaces of specific systems or products. The test cases can be organized building different test projects for each specific case.

PROTESTING360 specific test case 1

PROTESTING360 specific test case 2

PROTESTING360 specific test case 3

Automated report generation

See the results and durations of the tests executions with the report generator. It will help you to save time and perform the tests in the most efficient way.

PROTESTING360 automated report 1

PROTESTING360 automated report 2

Traffic analyzer included

Analyze the captured traffic is a useful method to verify the correct behaviour of the tests. For that reason PROTESTING360 includes two differents ways to analyze the captured traffic:

PROTESTING360 traffic analyzer 1


PROTESTING360 traffic analyzer 2


All the exchanged information is stored in files using the “pcap” file format. This file format can be open with the traffic analyzer Wireshark. Each executed test case generates automatically a file with all the details of the test execution.

Integration with external plugins

PROTESTING360 connects with test management systems as:


TestLink is a test management software based on a WEB environment using PHP and SQL. It can hold project and test specifications and it can generate test reports with the results of the tests performed.

Mantis Bug Tracker

Mantis Bug Tracker is a web-based bug tracking software that used PHP + SQL. It is used to report and manage bug reporting in software development in collaborative teams.

Bugzilla Bug Tracker

Bugzilla Bug Tracker is a web-based bug tracking software that used PHP + SQL. It is used to report and manage bug reporting in software development in collaborative teams.

Our clients can develop new modules or we can include them on request.




User Interaction

Test Case Edition

Parameters Access

Ethernet Traffic Analysis

IEC 61850 SERVER Scripting




IEC 60870-5-104 RTU Scripting

Connection management

Send and Receive ASDUs

DNP3 Outstation Scripting

Request Class0 data

Send Binary Output command