DNP3 is a  protocol based on numerical identification of the data objects. It was designed for monitoring and controlling remote stations. Commonly called Outstation in the DNP3 specification. Nowadays it is use can also be found in the automation of several processes, such as energy substation. Moreover it has been used for the communication of the protection devices with the local SCADA or GATEWAY.

Finally in 2010 the DNP3 technical specification was normalized under the IEEE 1588 standard.

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Introduction to the DNP3 standard

Introduction to the IEEE 1815 – DNP3 standard Introduction The remote control of substations or power plants allows the utility to control locations separated long distances from a centralized control room optimizing the use of resources for that task. This is one of the objectives of DNP3 standard. The definition of standardized remote control protocols makes it possible to integrate systems automated by different vendors with the utility control centre. This allows controlling the system without the need of protocol converters or adaptations. When the communication options were limited due to the bandwidth available, the remote control protocols used serial ...
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IEC 60870 5-104 TESTING